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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Monica's R4P2 Day 18 - Nakia's R3P3 Day 1

Monica - R4P2 Day 18
R4 Starting weight: 170.6
Yesterday: 159.4
Today: 159.6 +.2
R4 Total -11 6.4%

Nakia - R3P2 last VLCD
R3 Starting weight: 247.3
LIW 3/17/2009: 225.9
Yesterday: 222.0
Today: 222.0 -0
3.9 Below LIW

Yesterday's menu (Monica):
S: 1/2 apple
L: chicken, broccoli, & grissini
S: 1/2 apple
D: roast beef & cabbage
Lots of tea & water

Yesterday's menu (Nakia)
B: 4 boiled eggs
L: chili & cheese, boiled cabbage
D: Bonefish grill Florida Cobb Salad, rum & diet coke
S: chili & cheese
water & 4C Totally Lite 2 Go

Small gain for me today... no biggie. I may have caused it because I mixed all kinds of stuff yesterday. I had roast beef over cabbage that was boiled in chicken broth. The roast beef was made in a slow cooker with beef broth and onions... and I ate a few pieces of onion too. I did skip my 2nd fruit and grissini though & didn't go over 500 calories. Oh well... I'll just drinking tons of water today.

Nakia's first P3 day was uneventful :) No loss & no gain so that's good.

Biz - I'm all slapped out! This is just how his body works :) Man oh man... no meat!? I thought that was just for 1 day a week. You go on with your healthy self!


BizAdventure said...

HA! Well I did try a bit of raw fish today, I am focusing in more on raw than I am vegan. I planned on 4 ounces and couldn't get passed 2 - I am just stuffed, and I only had 750 cals today, what is up with that???

You have had some good days of losses, a .2 gain is kinda par for the course isn't it? Just move on, you know the drill.

You will have a great loss soon.