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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The cold is almost gone

Monica - R4P2 Day 6
R4 Starting weight: 170.6
Yesterday: 165.5
Today: 165.9 +.4
R4 Total -4.7 2.75%

Nakia - R3P2 Day 12
R3 Starting weight: 247.3
Yesterday: 233.8
Today: 232.8 -1.0
R3 Total 14.5 5.8%

Yesterday's menu:
B: apple w/ splenda & cinnamon
L: steak & sauteed onions & 1 grissini
D: Tilapia & romaine salad with mustard dressing & 1 grissini

Nakia started a week before I did. He was excited to start and jumped right in this time. He's taken to this round a lot easier than his last 2 rounds. I had to do a lot to keep him from quitting last time, but I can clearly see his determination to stick to P2 this time. It's just different & I like not having to pull him along or make him eat his apple without coring and peeling it for him.... He's eating the peel and coring it himself!!! WHAT?! Who is this person?! I was worried about being sick the first week because I didn't pack his lunches for him like I did the last round, but he gets everything together himself now. All I need to do is portion out the meats & he's good to go.

I'm doing a little better with my cold today. The cough is nearly gone and I didn't cough as much during the night. I didn't even need my inhaler today either. TOM did start though so I'm sure that's where the gain came from since I didn't even eat my 2nd fruit yesterday.


Mo2Lose said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Are you doing your Hcg with a doctor? Just curious. I will be following your blog if you don't mind. Thanks again! ~Mo