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Sunday, September 28, 2008

R3D20 - Halfway mark!

Monica - R3D20
Starting Weight 173
09/23 - 162.6 +0.9
09/24 - 162.3 -0.3
09/25 - 161.3 -1.0
09/26 - 161.1 -0.2
Yesterday: 159.5 -1.6
Today: 161.7 +0.5
Total: -13

Nakia - R2D5
Starting Weight 154
09/23 - 254.3 -0.2 LOAD Day 2
09/24 - 254.0 -0.3
09/25 - 252.9 -1.1
09/26 - 251.8 -1.1
Yesterday: 250 -1.8
Today: 247.8 -2.2
Total: -6.2

My body is doing the up/down thing right now. I danced for 3 hours yesterday in a hip hop class at the gym. I knew it might make me gain a bit, but I just had to go because I've missed the last 2 weeks and I absolutely love that class. I also have friends in there that I haven't seen in a while and we have a blast together. So I'm up .5 today... partly because of that and maybe even because I went about 25 calories over 500. I just felt like I needed just a bit more protein with all the calories I burned in class which was close to 1000. I'm sure it will come off tomorrow.

Isn't Nakia doing fabulous?! He has decided that he doesn't want to use the natural soap and TOM's deoderant that I use when on P2. He has also decided to use regular lotion. I think that's a bad idea, but he wants to test it so if anyone is paying attention, I'll keep you posted.

My neighbor has gone from 204 to 191 and she started P2 1 day after I did. She started out taking hcg sublingualy at 100 ius twice a day, but she didn't keep her hcg in the fridge for the first 9 days. When I found out, I was worried that it had lost it's potency so we mixed her a new batch a few days ago & with that new batch she decided to switch to injections because she wanted to take her dosage once a day instead of twice. I think I was right because she has had much better losses this week. Keep in mind that I think it is the fresh batch that she now keeps in the fridge and not that fact that she switched to injections that she is losing at a better rate.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nakia's first load day

Monica - R3D14

Starting Weight 173
09/16 - 163.2 0
09/17 - 163.2 0
09/18 - 163.4 +.2
09/19 - 163.4 0
09/20 - 162.9 -.5
Yesterday: 162.4 -.5
Today: 161.7 -0.7
Total: -11.3

Nakia - LOAD Day 1

Starting Weight 154.5

Yesterday's menu was:
B: 1/2 grapefruit & red zinger tea with lemon and splenda
S: coffee with 1 T half & half
L: steamed chicken and broccoli w/ original mrs dash, 2 melba rounds
D: chicken with hunt's fire roasted tomatoes (3/4 can) with garlic, red pepper flakes & fresh basil, 2 melba rounds for dipping. 1 strawberry sorbet with lemon & splenda.

Well... today is Nakia's first day of P2! He is disappointed in his weight gain over the summer and wants to give the protocol another shot. We both went overboard and had a little too much fun over the summer. We both realize that our maintenance skills need more work. Everything is a learning experience and we'll get it right next time.

I'm back home to MD from NY/NJ. Yesterday was an exhausting day. I went to see my little cousin in a production off broadway. He's in a young thespians group and their musical was featured at the Alvin Ailey theater in NY for 3 shows over the weekend so I just HAD to get there to support him. The play was fantastic. It was a modern day version of mid summer nights dream called Midnight Madness. That did a wonderful job. I'm so proud of him!

But here's the kicker. When I got to NJ, my mom had been taken to the emergency room because of light headedness & she was admitted overnight for observation because of low blood pressure and a slow heart rate. She told me she felt fine though & insisted that I still go to the show.

The show was at 8 and ended at around 10:45. I didn't get back to my mom's house until around 12. My sister was there and their upstairs neighbors were having a house party that stayed extremely loud until around 4 AM. She wouldn't call the cops and I got so pissed off at all the extremely loud music, running up and down the stairs, jumping around, and yelling going on that I tried to talk to the neighbor and ended up in an argument & that was only around 1 AM! I'm telling you, they should be glad that I don't live there. So I got almost no sleep and had to get up and get my mom from the hospital and make the 3 hour drive back down to MD. My mom told me that they do that frequently and the Newark police and the landlord won't do anything about it. She wants to take the landlord to court over it. I will Certainly testify if she does!

The good thing is that my mom is fine and she didn't have to deal with those crazy neighbors of hers because she wasn't there. Well... that's my rant about the weekend.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

R3D8 - Ha! Take that! fat!

Starting Weight 173
Yesterday: 165
Today: 163.2 -1.8
Total: -9.8

Woo Hoo! And she smashes right past 164 with almost 2 lbs overnight! That's what I like to see. You were right Mary! Back on track with a vengeance! Wow... This is my best round ever. I don't have any desire to cheat (well, not as much as before) and my releases are better than ever so far. That's probably because this is new fat.

I was reading a post over at the myhcgjourney forum that talked about new and old fat and how the old fat is hard to get rid of, even for a plastic surgeon. Now that is very interesting to me. I certainly do notice that the fat that I recently put on is easier to get rid of that the fat I've had for years. So first in first out I guess... just like work. lol.

My neighbor is doing great too. She hit 197 yesterday. She's so excited that she got out of the 200s in under a week. I'm excited for her too. Its fun watching someone be amazed by this protocol as much as I was the first time (and still am)... and I'm glad I can be here for her because she can't get to the forums online because of her job. It's nice to have someone to share the protocol with and she's so close we can eat dinner together on some nights. She probably doesn't even know that she's helping me as much as I'm helping her. hmmm... I should probably tell her that.

Oh... one more thing. There might be a familiar character coming back to hcg... some certain person who has gained a lot of his weight back and always gets motivated by my releases.... lol. To be continued...

Monday, September 15, 2008

R3D7 - First gain this round

Starting Weight 173
Yesterday: 164.5
Today: 165 +.5
Total: -8

Hmm... I wonder if it was the white wine & shallots I cooked my catfish in last night? Oh well, I'm still ahead of my last round losses. Hopefully this gain will be followed by a nice release. Yesterday I had
B: apple
L: romaine lettuce, biz's mustard dressing, steamed chicken with spices, grissini
D: catfish fillet cooked in 1/2 shot of chardonnay & water. spinach wilted in water with shallots and garlic. Trader Joe's chunky applesauce.

I found out what nakia weighs now. Unfortunately he's back at 250. It's not quite where he was when he starting P2 but close. He's not willing to go on P2 during football season & I can certainly understand that. I delayed my first P2 until after football season. So he's going to be eating the same dinners as I do & he's going to eat light lunches and dinners. He's back to working out twice a day as well so I think he'll take at least 10 lbs off pretty easily because the hcg set is weight at around 240.

My next neighbor is doing really well. She started at 203 and she hit 199 2 days ago. Yaaaay for her! She wants to lose 30 lbs this round. Unfortunately I found out yesterday that she hasn't been keeping her HCG in the fridge. With so much information flying around, she missed that small detail. She has been keeping it in a cool dark place in her bedroom so I'm hoping that it's still good. I told her she could test it with a pregnancy test & she's keeping it in the fridge now.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

R3D3 - Applegate!

Starting Weight 173
Yesterday: 170.2
Today: 168.9 -1.5
Total: -4.1

Yesterday was a great VLCD day, except I was all ready for my mid afternoon snack and WHAT?! NO APPLE! Someone stole my apple out of the company fridge! Who steals someone else's apple?! So you know I was upset. I took an extra break, drove to the whole foods market, and bought another apple so I wouldn't succumb to donuts and chocolate.

Well, have a friend that I helped get started on hcg and she is ending her first round tomorrow. She lost 22 lbs in her 40 day round and that's only because she deviated alot. She still lost quite a bit and she plans on doing a few more rounds.

My neighbor is doing ok, except she's going through that first ever week of VLCD. She's coming over tonight so I can show her some recipes. Should be fun. I'll get her stats so I can post them tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

R3D2 - ok ok... Now I'm really starting.

Starting Weight 173
Yesterday: 173.0
Today: 170.2 -2.8
Total: -2.8

I had a good loss today, but it probably would have been better if I hadn't eaten those cookies yesterday. I baked them for my load days but there was some cookie dough left over. I baked the rest of them last night so I could give them away, and I just couldn't help eating 2 of them. Ok Ok... so NOW I'm starting my VLCD today! I sent the rest to work with Nakia today.

Today is my friend's first VLCD day. It'll be nice having a P2 partner again even though it's not Nakia. I am sooo ready to start seeing losses again. It's so addictive!

Monday, September 8, 2008

On again - R3 Load day 2

Monica - R3P2
Yesterday: 170.4
Today: 171.2 +.08

I'm finally getting back to it! Today is my 2nd load day & I've been looking forward to starting P2 again for quite some time. I know it looks like I gained all my weight back, but I actually put on 5.5 lbs in the last week. I just knew I was planning to start P2 again so I've been eating alot of things that I know I'll miss during this round. So I'm going to treat that as my load and aside from going out to dinner tonight, I'm not overdoing it on my load days.

I spent the summer about about 6 lbs over LIW and since my last P2 was a short round, I didn't have that much wiggle room between my LIW and my starting weight. I'm pretty sure that most of the 6 lbs I gained was muscle because my measurements didn't change much with the gain.

Nakia won't be doing this round with me. It's football season again :) He's going to eat the same food I'm eating though (for the most part). I'll post his weight tomorrow. I don't think he got on the scale today. This time last year, I was waiting to start my first round because I knew football season was going to be difficult for me. This time I chose opening weekend to start! I know what to expect this time and I know I can handle it.

I will have local company though. My next door neighbor stopped me earlier this summer and insisted that I tell her how I lost weight. I told her and to my surprise, she was very interested. She'll be using hcg sublingually (orally) and I'll still be doing SQ injections. This should be fun. She wants to lose 35 lbs to start and then see where she is at that time. My goal for this round is to get to 145. That's 25 lbs and I think I can do that with a long round and NO CHEATING. I also think the first 5-6 lbs will come off really quickly because I gained it so recently. I lost 23 lbs on my first P2 and I made alot of mistakes then. I think this is THE round for me.

If anybody is still checking on my blog, thanks so much! :) I'll be around alot more now that the summer is over and Mr hcg is getting me up early in the morning again. I already feel the energy burst!