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Monday, August 31, 2009

Yaaay cucumbers and celery!

Monica - R5P2 Day8
R5 Starting weight: 168.9
Yesterday: 161.5
Today: 160.1 -1.4
R5 Total -8.8 5.2%

Nakia - R4P2 Day 15
R5 Starting weight: 229.9
Yesterday: 215.6
Today: 215.3 -0.3
R4 Total 14.6 6.4%

Yesterday's menu:
B: apple
L: cucumbers & grilled mustard chicken with hot sauce
S: strawberries
D: celery & grilled mustard chicken with hot sauce

HA! My celery and cucumber trick worked like a charm. WOO HOO! 1.4 baby! That's what I'm talking about! I wanted to get under 160, but maybe tomorrow.

Nakia has slowed down quite a bit. He normally enjoys a 1 lb a day average, but he's had less than 1 lb losses every day for a week so he's a little bummed. He's still lost 14.6 lbs in 15 days so I think he'll be fine too.

It's monday and I'm ready to get my 2nd week started.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yikes... too much salt in our food

Monica - R5P2 Day 7
R5 Starting weight: 168.9
Yesterday: 161.1
Today: 161.5 +0.4
R5 Total -6.8 4.0%

Nakia - R4P2 Day 14
R5 Starting weight: 229.9
Yesterday: 215.8
Today: 215.6 -0.2
R4 Total 14.3 6.2%

Yesterday's menu:
B: apple
L: creole catfish
S: melba toast apple pie
D: teriyaki chicken and cabbage, an apple

I was pretty surprised to see a gain this morning until I realized what I ate for dinner last night. I made some of my teriyaki marinade that has a soy sauce base and instead of using it as a marinade, I used it as a seasoning sauce for my cabbage. I knew it tasted really salty while I was eating it, but since it was late, I was hungry, & I didn't feel like cooking again... I just went ahead and ate it, not thinking how that salt would affect me. Well, at least I know what the cause was. So today I decided to eat cucumbers, celery, coffee (all natural diuretics) & put absolutely no salt on my food as well as get in plenty of water... take THAT water weight!! Hopefully my little plan works...

Until tomorrow then

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yesterday was a good day

Monica - R5P2 Day 6
R5 Starting weight: 168.9
Yesterday: 161.7
Today: 161.1 -0.6
R5 Total -7.2 4.6%

Nakia - R4P2 Day 13
R5 Starting weight: 229.9
Yesterday: 216.5
Today: 215.9 -0.6
R4 Total 13.4 6.1%

Yesterday's menu
B: coffee with half & half, strawberries
L: Lemon pepper orange roughy, garlic & herb string beans
S: apple
D: steak & caramelized onions

B: apple
L: chicken and cucumber
S: apple
D: steak & caramelized onions

I've just been copying my journal from HTA to here cus I like the continuity of reading my blog, but I also missed being involved in HTA when I decided to blog instead. I know...I'm such a confused soul... 

First thing's first... My hubby has reached 40.4 lbs lost total for the first time today! He's 215.9 down from 256.3 originally!

I've been looking around the HTA forum today and I'm just blown away by the support that's given there. I really had been away for quite some time! That place has grown exponentially since I last journaled there. There are so many that are willing to help anyone that needs a boost. I was part of another forum before, but it was nothing like this. This really feels like family. I can't help but notice that there are a few people that seem to be more qualified than me, but I guess the admins see something in me... so I'll do my best to use it.

Well, yesterday was pretty good. Work is getting a little better... still very busy, but at least I have my computer back now. I had to have my hard drive wiped because it had a virus. Unfortunately we found out that we never got the right setup discs for the machine so I didn't have any drivers for anything.... that kinda sucks, but I can work on configuring my machine back to the way I like it now. That all cuts down on my stress level & for me stress = hunger = deviations. Somehow I've been able to stay away from the VAT of chocolate candy in my office.... YAAAY!

I think the steak and carmalized onions that I ate last night may have caused me slow down my weight loss today, but I really had a taste for beef yesterday. I probably shouldn't have eaten it for dinner and saved that for lunch today. I'll do that next time.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Love these first week releases!

Monica - R5P2 Day 5
R5 Starting weight: 168.9
Yesterday: 163.2
Today: 161.7 -1.5
R5 Total -7.2 4.3%

Nakia - R4P2 Day 12
R5 Starting weight: 229.9
Yesterday: 216.9
Today: 216.5 -0.4
R4 Total 13.4 5.8%

Yesterday's menu
B: Strawberries, Coffee with 1T half and half
L: Chicken & garlic string beans
D: Apple, creole catfish
S: Melba toast apple pie (Melba toast with applesauce and cinnamon on top, heated in the microwave)
Tea & 4C Totally Light 2go

B: apple
L: chicken & cabbage
D: fire grilled tomatoes with chicken
4C Totally Light 2go

We're just plugging along today. Nakia has started to slow down and he's not used to that happening so soon. He usually has an average of 1 lb releases a day.

The hcg is starting to make me wake up really early again. I always get so much energy when I'm on this. I got up early and made some P2 teriyaki marinade for my beef strips. I love that stuff.

I was appointed to be a moderator over at the happilythinnerafter forum. I'm really happy about that. I've been wanting to get more involved on the forum and pay it forward. I've learned so much from my online family and I really want to give back. It's going to be a challenge for me to remain involved when I'm not on protocol, but I'm going to try alot harder to do that this time. For some reason... maybe I'm not as focused... I just don't get as much time to post when I'm not on P2 or P3. Life seems to get in the way alot too, but I really want to make a commitment to it this time. It's really important to me.

Ok... I'm off to start my day. I think I might have another cup of coffee today with half and half today.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The losses continue.

Monica - R5P2 Day 4
R5 Starting weight: 168.9
Yesterday: 164.2
Today: 163.2 -1.0
R5 Total -5.7 3.4%

Nakia - R4P2 Day 11
R5 Starting weight: 229.9
Yesterday: 217.3
Today: 216.9 -0.4
R4 Total 13 5.7%

Yesterday's menu
B: strawberries
L: chili, melba toast
D: orange roughy & spinach, an apple with cinnamon & splenda
Tea, 4C Totally Light 2go

Nakia had cabbage instead of spinach. The spinach made my stomach a little bubbly... ugh. He said it happens to him too.

Yesterday I mixed another batch for Nakia and the top of the ampule shattered and some glass got in the bottom so I got rid of it... that was sad. So I cracked open another one and it did the same thing, but I was careful to angle it so the small pieces of glass didn't get inside. That has never happened before but now it's happened twice. Usually the tops come off in one big piece. It's like the glass is too thin or something. I hope it doesn't happen again. Maybe I should buy an ampule opener.

On another note... I had this dream right before I woke up that I was at a party and I was eating all kinds of stuff. Then I realized I was on P2 and felt so horrible that I had cheated so badly! Then I woke up and had a moment where I couldn't remember if it was a dream or not... Then I went and jumped on the scale. Could that dream have caused a gain? LOL... still in my morning grogginess.... Whew 1 lb down. I wonder if that's happened to anyone else. I was so relieved to realize that it was just a dream! LOL

Nakia's doing fantastic... he lost another .4 today for a total of 13 lbs in 11 days. Neither one of us has been eating our 2nd fruit at night, but we both did last night and he couldn't even finish his dinner after that. Whoda ever thunk! Is this the same man that complained of hunger so bad last time that he almost quit?! He's going through this round like an old pro... it's pretty cool to see :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here we go... This is it baby... last round!

Monica - R5P2 VLCD 2
R5 Starting weight: 166.5
Yesterday: 166.5
Today: 166.5 0
R5 Total -0

Nakia - R4P2 Day 7
R5 Starting weight: 229.9
Yesterday: 222.1
Today: 220.6 -1.5
R4 Total 9.3 4%

Well... here I am again, waking up my sleeping blog. I got on my Wii system yesterday morning and my Mii was asleep... LOL. I poked her with an HCG stick... ROFL. I took my first shot yesterday and we're off to the races!

I decided not to load since I gained enough last weekend at a family cookout in NJ to warrant load weight. I actually gained 6 pounds on that weekend. I managed to lose 2 pounds of that over the course of the week, but I was hoping to start this round at what my maintenance weight was all summer.... 161, but no dice. Hopefully that weight comes off quickly cus it's bugging the hell outta me.

Nakia actually took his first shot last weekend & he was loading then. I shared some of his load food with him too. Like this... no wonder I gained 6 pounds!

Gaetano Cheese Steak

Well.... at least we each only ate half. In case you were wondering, this AWESOME cheese steak came from Gaetano's in Maple Shade NJ.

Well, I'm out. Getting late and I'm eager to get my 1st VLCD under way.

Missy - Thanks for stopping by. I don't tweet, but I'll certainly go by your blog. I've got some favorite P2 recipes throughout my blog and you can find some more if you join

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back from Vegas and ready for more HCG!

So... I got back from the HCG Retreat in Las Vegas earlier this month and I'm just getting around to posting pictures. Nakia wasn't with us this time :( but we had a ball! It was so wonderful meeting everyone & seeing biz, regina & leisa jo again. It was such a great turnout... I did miss the folks that couldn't make it though. Here's my little slideshow. These are ALL HCG losers! Can you believe it?! It was AWESOME!

Wasn't that fun... LOL.

So we're both ready to start another round in about 2 weeks. Nakia's gonna start next week & I'm going to wait until my next cycle is over which will be in about 2 weeks. I've pretty much decided to journal on HTA, but I'd like to also keep up with my blog as well. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do both, but I like aspects of both worlds.

I've been maintaining at 160-163... I actually lost 4 lbs while in vegas, but it came back as soon as I got home. We really didn't eat much while out there. I don't remember eating lunch even once. So anyway... I am considerably over my LIW, but the good news is, I've been maintaining this weight for the last 2 months or so. This will be my lowest starting weight and I'm expecting this to be my last round. I'm going to stay on P2 for as long as it takes me to lose 20 lbs & if that takes me a few days past 43, then I'm willing to do that..... I say that NOW... LOL. Well, that's the plan.

That's all for now.