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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yikes... too much salt in our food

Monica - R5P2 Day 7
R5 Starting weight: 168.9
Yesterday: 161.1
Today: 161.5 +0.4
R5 Total -6.8 4.0%

Nakia - R4P2 Day 14
R5 Starting weight: 229.9
Yesterday: 215.8
Today: 215.6 -0.2
R4 Total 14.3 6.2%

Yesterday's menu:
B: apple
L: creole catfish
S: melba toast apple pie
D: teriyaki chicken and cabbage, an apple

I was pretty surprised to see a gain this morning until I realized what I ate for dinner last night. I made some of my teriyaki marinade that has a soy sauce base and instead of using it as a marinade, I used it as a seasoning sauce for my cabbage. I knew it tasted really salty while I was eating it, but since it was late, I was hungry, & I didn't feel like cooking again... I just went ahead and ate it, not thinking how that salt would affect me. Well, at least I know what the cause was. So today I decided to eat cucumbers, celery, coffee (all natural diuretics) & put absolutely no salt on my food as well as get in plenty of water... take THAT water weight!! Hopefully my little plan works...

Until tomorrow then