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Friday, August 28, 2009

Love these first week releases!

Monica - R5P2 Day 5
R5 Starting weight: 168.9
Yesterday: 163.2
Today: 161.7 -1.5
R5 Total -7.2 4.3%

Nakia - R4P2 Day 12
R5 Starting weight: 229.9
Yesterday: 216.9
Today: 216.5 -0.4
R4 Total 13.4 5.8%

Yesterday's menu
B: Strawberries, Coffee with 1T half and half
L: Chicken & garlic string beans
D: Apple, creole catfish
S: Melba toast apple pie (Melba toast with applesauce and cinnamon on top, heated in the microwave)
Tea & 4C Totally Light 2go

B: apple
L: chicken & cabbage
D: fire grilled tomatoes with chicken
4C Totally Light 2go

We're just plugging along today. Nakia has started to slow down and he's not used to that happening so soon. He usually has an average of 1 lb releases a day.

The hcg is starting to make me wake up really early again. I always get so much energy when I'm on this. I got up early and made some P2 teriyaki marinade for my beef strips. I love that stuff.

I was appointed to be a moderator over at the happilythinnerafter forum. I'm really happy about that. I've been wanting to get more involved on the forum and pay it forward. I've learned so much from my online family and I really want to give back. It's going to be a challenge for me to remain involved when I'm not on protocol, but I'm going to try alot harder to do that this time. For some reason... maybe I'm not as focused... I just don't get as much time to post when I'm not on P2 or P3. Life seems to get in the way alot too, but I really want to make a commitment to it this time. It's really important to me.

Ok... I'm off to start my day. I think I might have another cup of coffee today with half and half today.


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How inspiring! Keep it up! Hope you achieve your goals!

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Thanks for stressing on how "focus" really matters. Thank you!