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Monday, August 31, 2009

Yaaay cucumbers and celery!

Monica - R5P2 Day8
R5 Starting weight: 168.9
Yesterday: 161.5
Today: 160.1 -1.4
R5 Total -8.8 5.2%

Nakia - R4P2 Day 15
R5 Starting weight: 229.9
Yesterday: 215.6
Today: 215.3 -0.3
R4 Total 14.6 6.4%

Yesterday's menu:
B: apple
L: cucumbers & grilled mustard chicken with hot sauce
S: strawberries
D: celery & grilled mustard chicken with hot sauce

HA! My celery and cucumber trick worked like a charm. WOO HOO! 1.4 baby! That's what I'm talking about! I wanted to get under 160, but maybe tomorrow.

Nakia has slowed down quite a bit. He normally enjoys a 1 lb a day average, but he's had less than 1 lb losses every day for a week so he's a little bummed. He's still lost 14.6 lbs in 15 days so I think he'll be fine too.

It's monday and I'm ready to get my 2nd week started.


Anonymous said...

what is your trick for a loss when you have been real bad on P2. this is my second round and I have been real bad and want to turn it around but not sure how. should I just stop the HCG and take a break or try is this phase salvageable? any suggestions? Teresa

applebottomblues said...

What I do is a P2 steak day. I don't eat anything all day and then for dinner I have 7 ounces of steak with an apple or tomato. It works just like a P3 steak day.

That works well the day after your big deviation. Your round is definately salvageable though. Resolve to stay with a clean P2 menu for the rest of your round. If your cheat happened before 20 shots... You should try to get in another 20 after the cheat. If it happened after 20 shots, just continue on as normal. It has been my experience that a cheat before 20 days is detrimental to your P3 stabilization.

If you have any more questions you should join the forum at You will find alot of answers there & there's a bootcamp you can join to get you through each phase.

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